Cablerator for Blender

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Cablerator is a Blender addon (2.8+) for creating and editing hanging cables:

  • create cables by clicking on geometry
  • create cables between points of curves
  • draw cables on geometry or planes
  • create cables from edges
  • create hanging cables from objects
  • create massive numbers of cables between selected faces
  • use Blender physics to simulate cables
  • create insulation between selected cables or objects
  • create simple rope-like structures between selected cables or objects
  • edit multiple cables width, assign profile quickly
  • add geometry as segments and end points for cables
  • create cables based on meshes
  • split cables with multi-curve profiles to separate cables
  • add and remove hooks to cable points

Check the trailer!

Check the manual for full description:

If you have any questions, I'm also available on Discord.

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Cablerator for Blender

145 ratings
I want this!