Layer Factory for Photoshop CC!!!

Sergey Kritskiy
83 ratings

Layer Factory is a collection of tools for Adobe Photoshop, designed to enhance and speed up different tasks related to creating, modifying, and working with layers.

Create new layers with blending modes of your choice, create new adjustment layers, layers from selection, symmetrify layers, move selection of several layers simultaneously, convert opacity to layer mask: it’s Layer Factory! Every panel module can be temporarily hidden to make sure you only see the tools you use on the panel.

All the functions are explained in the panel manual.

⚠️ This extension will NOT work in Photoshop below CC2013. Note that currently native version of Photoshop for M1 Macs isn't supported.

You can also join my Discord if you have any suggestions or questions.

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You'll get a zip file with installers for Window and Mac

Photoshop support
CC, from 2013 to the current one


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Layer Factory for Photoshop CC!!!

83 ratings
I want this!