Toggletator For Photoshop CS6, CC and above

Sergey Kritskiy
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Toggletator! For Photoshop CS6, CC and above.

Toggletator is a collection of scripts that allow to toggle visibility of specific or active layers with hotkeys and much more.

  • Toggle a Layer by Name: toggles visibility of layers with specific prefix;
  • Toggle Layers Visibility by Label: the same but by labels;
  • Toggle Active Layers: toggles selected layers;
  • Toggle Inactive Layers: toggles unselected layers;
  • Toggle a Channel: toggles a channel with specific prefix;
  • Toggle Zoom: toggles between two zoom levels*;
  • Toggle Flip: flip a canvas while keeping the focus*;
  • Toggle Brush Blend Mode**: like Normal and Erase;
  • Toggle Brush Color Dynamics**;
  • Toggle Brush Tilt**;

*these are for CC2015 and newer only

**these are for  CC2014 and newer only

More about options in the manual.


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⚠️ This extension will NOT work in Photoshop CS6 and below. Note that currently native version of Photoshop for M1 Macs isn't supported.

You can also join my Discord if you have any suggestions or questions.

46 ratings


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Toggletator For Photoshop CS6, CC and above

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