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πŸŽ‰ Photoshop and Blender addons: a week of discounts πŸŽ‰

Hi everyone,

I hope you're doing great. Two things in this message: discounts and news.

First, discounts.

Short version: add a NOMOREHUNTING to any product during the checkout till the next Thursday (12 Nov) or click on any of the links at the end of this message to get a 30% discount. Please share the code with your friends, families and enemies. All sales of this week I'm going to donate to ASPAS : Association pour la protection des animaux sauvages β€” a French association of wild animals protection.

Longer version: I live in France for 5 years now and what I absolutely don't understand is the savage, barbarous, lobbied tradition of hunting. France is currently in a lockdown due to COVID and during the lockdown the hunt has been permitted β€” one of the goals for example is to kill at least 500.000 boars. I love pigs and boars, they are my spirit animals β€” I simply don't understand how people could kill animals for pleasure. Hunters constantly make excuses saying they kill to protect the livestock and such which is so not true on many levels. That's why I want to donate to ASPAS.

Next, some news on Photoshop extensions and Blender addons I'm currently working on:

  • Lasso Draw for Photoshop: draw with lasso and more β€” almost done;
  • Selectorator for Blender + Photoshop: a Blender addon for exporting ID maps (aka clown maps) for Eevee and a Photoshop extension to easily load selections from any ID map (not necessary Blender) or channels or layers β€” almost done;
  • update for Layer Factory: linear and radial arrays, bake to transparency, apply/select/toggle visibility of layers with specific color labels and more β€” basically done, doing some testing;
  • update for Modificator: an option to lock a specific setting for any tool; more settings and more tools β€” basically done;
  • Tuberator (or Tubeficator? Or Pipefecator? doesn't have a name yet) β€” a Blender addon for tubes and pipes;
  • Platificator β€” a simple Blender addons for creating plates from faces (yes I know there are addons for that but it's great, I'll make a preview video at some point);
  • update for Brusherator and Perspective Tools β€” I'm depressed about news about how Photoshop development will evolve so those are moving slowly at the moment, but there are updates planned;

And links with discounts. Photoshop:

Perspective Toolsallows to easily create perspective and parallel grids and then use them to wrap flat layers to perspective or unwrap distorted to rectangles.

Modificator is a panel for quick access to your favourite tool settings on one compact panel: no need for switching between tabs of the Brush Settings window to change one or two fav settings.

Brusherator is for quick access to brushes, actions and scripts: organize the buttons in the most efficient way and switch between different sets of buttons.

Layer Factory: create new layers and adjustment layers easily, bake blended layers, move selection of several selected layers, mirror layers across guides...

Toggletator is a collection of scripts (assignable to hotkeys) to toggle visibility of a layer with specific name or labels (think of sketch layers or values check adjustment layer) or an active layers, toggling brush Blend Mode, zooms and many more things.

And Blender:

Cablerator for creating and editing hanging cables.

As always please let me know if you have any questions at



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